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About The HSS

The Haitian Scientific Society (HSS) is a non-profit organization founded in 1996 and incorporated in

2001. The HSS is comprised of Haitian professionals with graduate and undergraduate degrees in

various fields of Engineering, Mathematics, Science and Education.

Our mission
is to provide a forum where underrepresented minorities can enrich their minds, develop

their basic artistic, scientific and technological skills and to encourage and promote a more active

participation in community activities.

Our philosophy
is based on the understanding that while serving the needs of our immediate

community, we can effectively reach out to other groups of people which share both our interests and

limitations. The synergy between our immediate interests and our desire to fulfill a higher purpose

stands at the core of our ideals and is one of the main reasons why we expect to thrive in this ever

changing and evolving world.

In order to fulfill our mission, the HSS has been working on several fronts to:

- Facilitate the dissemination of information pertaining to the basic arts and sciences via seminars at

local colleges and universities in the Boston area.

- Create a forum for minority high school students to have ready access to weekly tutoring sessions

via outreach programs.

- Provide direct means to engage the community via monthly radio programs.

We seek to leverage our current services to develop new services to the community and to provide

increasingly better opportunities for our membership. If you would like to become involved, please do

not hesitate to contact us.




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