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Education is the most important goal of the HSS.  Since our

inception in 1996, we have invited numerous guest speakers to our

monthly seminars, to educate and inform members of our

community how science and technology have influenced our lives.

Particularly, seminars in the education, mathematics and

healthcare fields have provided ample opportunities for great

debates and lively discussions among HSS members and invited guests.

The HSS radio program, hosted by WMBR 88.1 FM every last

Sunday of the month, is a program designed to fulfill an important

aspect of our mission. The purpose of the radio program is to

create a platform where the community can participate in healthy

discussions on the challenging scientific problems of our time. Our

scientific discussions cover a wide variety of subject matters of

interest to the immediate community and to the public at large

such as: global warming, the environment, the origin and future of outer space and its interaction with

the solar system and planet Earth, energy distribution on Earth, the role of renewable energy in the world

economy etc… Within the last few years, our many radio programs have become an invaluable source of

reliable information and a forum for spirited scientific discussions to a growing audience in the


In recent years, we have implemented a mathematic and science

educational program that focuses on the young men and women in

our communities.  With so many problems and challenges affecting

our country and the world, we believe that it is imperative that we

inspire and encourage our children to think creatively, to develop

problem-solving skills and to peruse careers in the scientific and

technology fields.


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