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High School Outreach Program



Developed by highly experienced high school teachers and college

professors, the High School Outreach Program is a comprehensive

academic program that inspires and encourages minority students

from community high schools to pursue careers in science and

engineering programs offered by colleges and universities. The

curriculum is specifically developed to address the academic

difficulties that students experience in math and science.

Students are challenged to go beyond traditional repetitive

methods of problem solving and learn new and easy-to-understand

techniques to tackle complex mathematical and scientific problems.

In addition, students learn how to approach, analyze and

understand new mathematical and scientific concepts, creatively

broaden their thinking, and work out exercises as tools to reach

functional answers. Students also participate in field trips to local

colleges and universities, museums and various companies in the industry.

Basic goals of the High School Outreach Program

  • Help students develop a firm understanding of the fundamental concepts of math and science.

  • Assist students to develop important problem-solving techniques.

  • Provide students with practical examples that demonstrate the application of math and science to solve real-world problems.

  • Promote creativity and encourage innovative approaches to learning and applying new concepts.

  • Strongly encourage students to pursue a career in engineering and science.

Course Description

High School Algebra

This is an intensive algebra course.  Major topics covered include: models, functions and permutations,

linear relationships and linear systems, matrices, quadratic equations, polynomial and polynomial

functions. The course focuses on fundamental knowledge and critical thinking questions related to the

aforementioned topics.  In an effort to connect math with the surrounding realities, the curriculum

attempts to make connections between different mathematical areas, between mathematics and science,

and between mathematics and social studies.  

Students are required to read ahead of time all sections to be discussed in class as well as attempt to

solve some problems related to those sections. Enliven and enriched class discussion reinforces students

reading and opens up new avenues for critical thinking. The textbook for the class is Advanced Algebra

by Bellman & al., Prentice Hall Inc, 1998.

Higher Algebra

The goal of the course is to cover the material in Michael Artin's book "Algebra". It is a semi-rigorous

course in abstract algebra using the group of matrices as examples. We do prove theorems and expect

participants to be willing to learn how to write proofs explicitly. In fact this is one of the focuses of such a


The pace is slow. Participants will have the opportunity to ask many questions and solve various types

of problems. Participants will also obtain a very good understanding of the basic algebraic structures such

as groups, morphisms, vector spaces, rings and fields. These structures are used in the mathematics

that are of interest to engineers, computer scientists, physicists and chemists.

Pre calculus

This course emphasizes conceptual understanding, graphing techniques, proofs, and problem solving

strategies of real world issues. Topics covered include linear, quadratic, cubic, exponential, and

logarithmic functions along with the study of their domains, ranges, graphs, and solutions. The course

also surveys trigonometric functions and trigonometric identities. Extensive discussions are conducted on

practical problems related to quadratic, exponential and trigonometric equations.

For more information, please contact Jean L. Rene or Leaderson Brutus




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