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Previous Seminars Series 2003 - 1999

2003 Seminar Series
Board meeting
February 22
Webert Monlouis
Localization and Tracking moving sources using antenna array and local approximation
March 29
Alfred Noël
Optimization and Search in Adaptive Environments
April 26
Josee Vedrine
Electromechanical study of transparent conducting substrates for flexible display applications
May 31
Dr. Eustache Jean-Louis
Developing a Medical and Public Health Model to Reach the Haitian Community
Board meeting
Board meeting
August 30
Richard Cornely
Iterative Optimization Techniques and Applications
September 27
Thomas O. Sherman
Chaotic Dynamical Systems
October 25
Gordon W. Spencer, Esq
Tools for Asset Protection Seminar
Board meeting
December 6
Albert Leisinger
Classification of compact surfaces
2002 Seminar Series
January 26
Victor Kreiman
Complex Algebraic Curves
February 23
Prof. William Campbell
Database backed web sites (So you want to be a web programmer?)
March 30 Board meeting
April 27
Joshua Scott 
Classical results in the theory of totally positive matrices ( A review of resuts according to S. Fomin and A. Zelevinsky)
May 25 Swaminathan R. Iyer  An Introduction to Compilers
Board meeting
July 27 Dr. Pierre-Richard J. Cornely Synthetically Controlled Extremely Low Frequency Electromagnetic Field Patterns and their Coupling Effects on surrounding structures
Board meeting
September 28 Monir Hossain  A Comparison of Predictive Performance of Statistical Models Classification and Regression Tree (CART), and Discriminant Analysis (DA) to Identify whether Veterans were Hospitalized in VA or Medicare.
October 26
Lesly Rene
An Example of The Vehicle Routing Problem ( After A. C. Tucker and L Bodin )
November 23
Michael Nathanson
An Introduction to Quantum Computing and Information
Board meeting
2001 Seminar Series
January 27 Pierre Arthur Elysee Usage Profiles: Allocation of Network Capacity to Internet Users
February 24 Michel DeGraff, PhD Neo-Darwinian linguistics and its (mis)practice in Creole studies
March 31 James L. Sherley, MD, PhD Revival and application of principles of asymmetric stem cell kinetics
April 28 Lionel Hogu, M. Ed "La Réforme du Système Educatif Haïtien" 25 years after
May Board meeting  
June 30 Julia Goldrosen, MSPH Ergotism: Bread, Disease, Poverty, and Science
July 28 Dimitris Liarokapis Testing Isolation Levels of Relational Database Management Systems
August 25 Board meeting  
September Board meeting  
October 6 Yvon Lamour, MSW/M. Ed Teachers with Limited Formal Education and On-Site Training In the Deep Haiti: Five Year Findings
Board meeting
2000 Seminar Series
January 29 Webert Montlouis Small-Scale Fading and Multipath in Mobile Radio
February Board meeting  
March Board meeting  
April Board meeting  
April Board meeting  
May Board meeting  
June 24 Seifu Hailu Database Backed Webpages
July 29 Alfred G. Noël
Some Applications of Group Theory
August 26 Dominique Généus The Architecture of 8051 Microcontroller
September Board meeting  
October Board meeting  
November Board meeting  
December 16 Albert Leisinger, Ph. D. The Effects of MCAS testing on immigrant students in Massachusetts
1999 Seminar Series
January 9
Dr. Bradford D. Bond
An introduction to CAD software and its development
February 27
Dr. Albert Leisinger
Recent changes in US immigration policy and their effects on immigrant workers

Board meeting
April 2 Board meeting  
April 30 Board meeting  
May 29 Component Groups of Centralizers of Nilpotent Real Matrices
June Board meeting  
July 10
Dr. Richard Cornely
Flexible prior models and three dimensional ionospheric tomography
July 31 Moving Through and Beyond Jan 1, 2000: The Past, Present and Future of the Year 2000 Problem
September 25
Monir Hossain
Comparing the Predictive Performances of Polytomous Logistic Regression and Discriminant Analysis
October 30
Mr. Nelson Brill
Immigration Law Practice From a Practitioner's Perspective: A Policy of Containment and Restrictionism
Board meeting
December 11 Concurrency Control in Database Systems




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